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 enjoying experiences as they come (open/hunting)

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enjoying experiences as they come (open/hunting) Empty
PostSubject: enjoying experiences as they come (open/hunting)   enjoying experiences as they come (open/hunting) EmptySun Jan 22, 2017 10:09 am

enjoying experiences as they come (open/hunting) UEjx7KM     enjoying experiences as they come (open/hunting) UwvNMuz     enjoying experiences as they come (open/hunting) FDMiwmb

Well considering she was now an unaccompanied minor and on her own in the world, it was high time that Hazel figured out how to live and survive in said world. And the first thing that she had to do was eat. Because she was starving. The golden tabby had woken up early in order to catch herself some breakfast, though what she was going to have was still a thought in her mind. Would she go for some vole or shrew? Those small little guys were pretty easy to catch when you were quiet. But, like she had just mentioned, they were small, and Hazel hadn't eaten in... In... Huh. She couldn't remember. Was the last time she had actually eaten a full meal before she had lost all of her memories? It was still very surreal to be living a life where she couldn't remember simple things like that, but everyone else that she had met was in the same boat. Either way, Hazel was very very hungry, and so something small just wasn't going to cut it.

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enjoying experiences as they come (open/hunting)
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