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 sun's cool cats

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PostSubject: sun's cool cats   Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:50 pm

these are the characters i have developed fully and will use in role play
nightstep -
rabbitbelly -
stagheart -

character ideas
just where i'll scrawl down character concepts until i fully develop the character

here comes the sun do do do do
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Age : 17
Location : Oklahoma

PostSubject: Re: sun's cool cats   Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:42 pm


Previous Names:


young adult



slim light grey tabby covered in dark grey spots. he has bright green eyes. he is unable to use his back left leg.

the cloudy kit was born in a litter of many strong, bulky cats. it was immediately noticed that he could not crawl around as quickly as his littermates, but as some kits just take longer to adjust to walking, it was brushed off. the queen waited some days to name them before she settled on names.  all of the kits except this one in particular could walk a decent distance, while the storm-colored kit could only hop after his littermates in hopes he could play with them, to no avail. the warrior queen was ashamed and embarrassed that a child of hers would have a defect that could ultimately render any warrior cat ineffective, and as a penalty for an offense that the kitten did not mean to commit, he was named "bouncekit" for the way he walked. the mother would not dare respect a cat who brought shame to their family of strong warriors, and deemed him a curse.
as a young kit, he was very playful and had a strong, determined spirit. however, the clan cats believed that his defect was a sign that he was destined to take after the medicine cat. his playful personality conflicted with this at first, but he quickly learned to adjust to it, and even believed himself he was destined to be a medicine cat, however, he was very unhappy. he would watch his peers go out and hunt for fresh-kill and attack intruders. it was the life he dreamed of.
many moons later, as his fellow apprentices turned warriors, a badger invaded the camp. brave warriors chased the ferocious animal to the outskirts of the territory, but it seemed impossible to defeat. cat after cat reported to the medicine cat's den injured, and the medicine cat ordered bouncepaw to treat the cats who continued to fight the badger. bouncepaw arrived to be told that the badger fled. just as the group began to head back, bouncepaw, who walked behind the group of cats alone, heard what the others didn't as they discussed how they'd tell the clan that they drove away a badger. among their discussion, there was a rustling in the undergrowth. he froze as he saw two beady eyes peer from behind a brush. as the creature began to leap toward the leader, bouncepaw dove in front of it and went in for the bite. he let out the aggression and power he had restrained for so long. the bystanders did not see a medicine cat apprentice, but a most strong warrior draining the blood from a badger. the next day, a clan meeting was held. to his surprise, bouncepaw was cued to approach the leader. was he in trouble for breaking his role as the medicine cat apprentice?
his peers, who had known about his outburst during the badger attack, snickered at the thought of bouncepaw being revoked from the role of a medicine cat apprentice. if he couldn't correctly be a warrior nor a medicine cat, what would he be..?
the leader announced that the cat was not meant to be a medicine cat, but a warrior with the potential save the whole clan.
"what's his name going to be? bouncestep?" called out a ridiculing voice.
"no. the way brave bouncepaw walks is no flaw. when the badger began to attack me, this cat came to ward it off instantly. he jumped forward with the agility of a tiger, stepped in as fast as the night rules over the sky after a sunset. this warrior's name will be nightstep."

here comes the sun do do do do
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sun's cool cats
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