The Forest Beyond

A Warrior Cats inspired play-by-post roleplay game
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 We're going way before the beginning

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The Rebellion
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PostSubject: We're going way before the beginning   Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:10 pm

In the beginning, there were five clans, Thunder, River, Wind, Shadow and Sky. They lived together semi-peacefully for many moons, that is until they attacked. They were a group known as the Overseers, cats who attacked for barely any rational reason other than to take over a large area of territory. The clans were abolished, those who wanted to live either joined them or ran. All others were brutally killed. Several moons later old clan members decided to reinstate the clans after an odd dream, unknowingly gathering their old friends and allies along with many loners. This is where we begin, a large group of felines looking for a new home with two leading them. A she-cat formerly known as Raggedstar, now Raggedface and a tom formerly known as Sootstar who now goes by Eaglewing.

They do not know of their past, what they were before, none of them ever will.
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We're going way before the beginning
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