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 patch's stuff

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PostSubject: patch's stuff   patch's stuff EmptyMon Jan 16, 2017 4:29 pm

wcrpg imports:

(will join brambleclan?)
- mini mottle - born sept 1 2015, wandering since may 2016, about 17 moons old

(will join islandclan?)
- mini patch and mini rowan - born oct 15 2015, about 16 moons old
--- rowan is not dead? amazing

- mini crystal - born sept 1 2015, wandering since march 2016, about 17 moons old

gosh i wish i could have them be younger though. like at these ages they're in a weird dead-spot in their histories, where the first interesting stuff happened too long ago to be affected but the next interesting stuff hasn't happened yet. crystal's kits are already gone, mottle's had her vow for many moons, rowan is either dead for a while or didn't die when he should've.
i'd rather get them younger, like when mottle/crystal are 9.5 and rowan/patch are 8 moons or so (around june this would be). then mottle's vow would be less solidified or not formed yet, crystal would still be dealing with indigo and dawn who could end up in the new clan (or not), rowan and patch's mom would just have died but at least rowan would be authentically not dead.

ok what do i get if i break my typical loner rules, have them born in 2016 and double age them for the first year how old would they be
sept 1 to now is 4.5 months --> mottle is just over 9 moons
oct 15 to now is 3 months --> patch is just over 6 moons. would have to change his/rowan's birthday to keep the age difference between them the same. or fuckit, just liquify time in the middle, he still turns 2 on oct 15 2017 but he'd be 8ish moons old now, whatever, make it happen

anyway that works out surprisingly well so i might have to do it

- mini mottle: born sept 1 2016, 9.3 moons old on jan 17 2017, double time, has been wandering for past .75 moons or so
--- (this is the strict-code-believer clan-joiner mottle. not the exact one from canon mottle's vision as that one was a thunderclanner, but the same basic au idea.)
- mini crystal: ditto, has been wandering for past 3.5 moons or so, has very young kits /unless/ they're not born yet
--- (she ran off with sunlight when they were like 6 moons old but she didn't necessarily get pregnant right then. all we know is they were together for an unspecified shortish while and then when crystal realized she was pregnant sunlight didn't want to be a father and fucked off. but like they were kids in puppy love, 6 moons is like maybe 12 in human years, they weren't fucking right off the bat. so there is some temporal leeway here. god i feel disgusting just writing about this shit but crystal's plot has always been depressing as hell, that's the point of her, and this isn't actually the worst version of it. anyway the point is she could join some clan as a queen and /then/ have the kits)
- mini patch and mini rowan: born oct 15 2016, 7.8ish moons old on jan 17 2017, oak just died (fuck)

hmu if you want genetics for a litter
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PostSubject: Re: patch's stuff   patch's stuff EmptyMon Jan 16, 2017 6:25 pm

ok i guess i should be actually listing characters in this thread for other people to refer to, instead of writing notes to myself that only i understand. therefore:

- 9.5ish moons old
- female
- loner, former indoor kittypet, future brambleclan member
- cinnamon classic torbie, on the small side, yellowish-amber eyes, British Shorthair
- bi ace, hella sex-repulsed (and represses the hell out of any romantic attraction she may feel b/c she doesn't know that romance and sex are different things)
- Ravenclaw
- left her Twolegs about a moon ago through an unlatched window, on impulse
- soon decided to never go back and also to hate Twolegs and anything that reminds her of her old life
- learned to hunt partly by instinct/trial and error, partly from carefully watching other loners
- named herself Mottle because it sounded like a loner sort of name. her kittypet name was Angelica
- filled the "sweet little girl/baby of the family" archetype in her kittypet family and is now trying to break herself of the habit of being overly nice/sweet/submissive. she's overcompensating, resulting in blunt, sarcastic assholishness.
- coward, prefers to run or appease rather than fight. in her defense most cats have a size advantage on her. if she really cared about anyone else she would be a little more willing to be brave/fight for /them/ but she doesn't, so.
- unpredictably impulsive. will maintain the status quo for moons and moons, then change her entire life at the drop of a hat and refuse to go back on the change. for instance, leaving her twolegs.
- natural introvert. could probably go like an entire moon without feeling the need to talk to anycat. this doesn't mean she won't talk to others if they ARE there but she'd be ok if she was alone.
- extremely disturbed/confused by other cats' faffing about with romance and mating and the like. processes this visceral disgust and bafflement in self-righteous fashion, "why are other cats stupid. i will not be stupid and wrong like that"
- is slowly, semi-consciously formulating the concept of combining her "i'm never going back" thing, her social awkwardness, her introversion, and her sex-repulsion into a Vow of Not Caring About Anything Or Anyone Because Attachment Is Stupid And People Are Idiots.
- if she joins a clan, this idea, still in the early stages, will likely metamorphose into a Hollyleaf-level devotion to the warrior code, where she's ok with vague Clan-level attachment but would still run like mad from any romantic shit
- probably has a posh english accent because she's a pedigreed british shorthair and i think i'm funny (i'm not funny)

- 9.5ish moons old
- female
- loner, former indoor kittypet
- silver classic tabby w/ white face/chest/underside/paws, blue eyes, British Shorthair
- the Unfortunate Straight (TM)
- Hufflepuff
- Angelica/Mottle's littermate but they haven't seen each other in moons since Crystal ran away
- bad judge of character
- just wants to find love and acceptance, but holds too tightly to her idealized concepts of romance and family to succeed
- basically lives as though she is a romance novel heroine; unfortunately she is not and life doesn't work like that
- self-deception/doublethink. likely to accept a bad life situation and make herself think it's fine, because she thinks she can't get/doesn't deserve anything better.
- spent age 5-6 moons sneaking out through a basement window (that the Twolegs didn't think opened wide enough to admit a cat. this was an incorrect assumption) to meet up with a young rogue tom she'd befriended and then started dating (that sounds too human but "became mates with" implies they were having sex and that was definitely not the case at this point)
- eventually, after her sis realized what she was doing, ratted her out to their mother, and threatened to show her escape route to the Twolegs, Crystal (overdramatically as usual) ran away to live in the wild with Sunlight (the rogue)
- this was literally the day before her spay surgery was scheduled (not that she, a cat, would have known this).
- since the young couple were not /actually/ fuckin' romeo and juliet, what happened was: they lived together for a couple moons, wandering through the Twolegplace. Sunlight taught Crystal how to hunt. it was not a perfect relationship but Crystal thought it was, because otherwise she would have to realize that she was increasingly far from home, and missing her family and the comforts of kittypet life, and not really suited for life as a roaming, territory-less loner.
- when they were like 8 moons old crystal got pregnant. sunlight panicked at the prospect of being a father and they ended up breaking up. crystal doesn't know what to do either (seriously, fuck you sunlight) so she's still wandering, but on her own and even lonelier, and would likely join a clan.

- 8ish moons old
- demiguy (although he wouldn't know the word for it)
- loner
- chocolate w/ white patches, yellow eyes, shorthair
- i never actually decided an orientation for him so yknow what. fuckit. hes gay
- Slytherdor as hell
- one of his littermates (Larch) died when he was a young kit so he's super protective of the other (Patch)
- same age as Patch but acts like the older sibling (partly b/c he's physically bigger, partly b/c he remembers Larch's death whereas Patch doesn't remember her at all)
- his mother (Oak) just died of sickness (possibly greencough idk). is trying to hold it together so he and Patch can survive

- 8ish moons old
- male
- loner
- small, black w/ white patches, green eyes, shorthair
- het ace
- Griffinpuff
- growth probably stunted by having caught the same sickness that their mom died of, although he survived and is recovering.
- looks up to his littermate (Rowan) but also wishes to be the one saving their lives for once
- grieving his mom (Oak) but yeah also trying to hold it together, although less successfully
- introvert
- aspires to be a Good Guy/Hero

EBONY (idk if i'm gonna import her here, bc she wouldn't join a clan, but in case i do)
- ~vague wiggly hand gesture~ around 14 moons
- female
- loner, former kittypet
- large, mostly-black tortie w/ white locket and tailtip, orange eyes, British Semi-Longhair
- aro bi, moderately romance-repulsed
- Ravendor
- explorer. wants to see everywhere, experience everything, find anything new and exciting. adrenaline addict in the making
- her former Twolegs named her after Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way from "My Immortal" because she had black and reddish fur and (as a kit) blue eyes, and was a troublemaking terror of a kitten (who eventually escaped for good)
- ride or die for her friends - but only as long as she's in the area. the call of the open road is always more important to her in the end
- has been teaching herself how to fight, by picking fights, which is the kind of logic that makes sense to her. (this has also been an education in running away)
- faking it till she makes it in self-confidence. she has almost made it
- often flirty but mostly b/c she likes the self esteem boost of being perceived as attractive, she's not usually actually looking. she doesn't care if anyone thinks this is "leading people on". it's their own fault for getting invested.
- others thinking they know what's best for her/trying to control her for her own good = DO NOT WANT
- would not join a clan - too many rules and she wouldn't be able to roam freely
- when she grows up a little more she'll be a charismatic asshole

hmu if you want genetics for a litter
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patch's stuff
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