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A Warrior Cats inspired play-by-post roleplay game
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PostSubject: INFO STORAGE -- RAGGEDFACE'S BIO   Sat Jan 07, 2017 3:57 pm

Name: Ragged/Raggedface
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Current Rank: Loner
Past Ranks: N/A
Appearance: A large, muscled, broad-shouldered torbie with high white up to her chest. She has lime green eyes with a mix of yellow and green, large, tattered ears and scars all across her face and body. Torbie stripes are dark brown, almost black, main pelt is brown, lighter patches can range from amber to orange (lighter spots are smaller than usual, but many in number). Her fur is long and thick, though is most times ungroomed. Paws are large and are complete with black claws, sharp as thorns.
Other Information: Ragged's gait is slow and complete with a slight limp, which is the same as her battle stance - favoring her left hind leg and keeping her tail tucked just in front of it. Has oddly rounded eyes.
Personality:Though the scars on her face and body are certainly grotesque, she displays a reserved, contemplative nature that does not match her appearance. Ragged loves kits, and is protective of anyone she trusts, though can be quick to anger and lash out. Motherly, kind, and gruff, she takes pride in being able to protect others not able to protect themselves.
Art: TBA
Biography: TBA
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