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 The Rebellion's Character storage

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The Rebellion
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The Rebellion

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PostSubject: The Rebellion's Character storage   The Rebellion's Character storage EmptySat Jan 07, 2017 2:45 pm

The Rebellion's Character storage C894a810
Willowshade (Shade)

20 moons




Willowshade was born and raised within Shadowclan, first under the rule of Sparrowstar and lastly under her new alias of Raggedstar. However once the Overseers attacked he was forced to leave his home, or else he would be killed, or worse turned into them. After the battle, he was 'rescued' by a twoleg and forced to father many kits, all of whom he hasn't seen since they were weaned off of their mother's milk. After being picked up by the twoleg he found it difficult to remember his past Once he received the omen from Starclan like many of the surviving clan members, he left his plush life and joined up with Ragged, Eagle, Wayfinder and Fern to find somewhere new to reside. Once everyone began to split into clans, Shade knew that he didn't fit into any of the clans and decided to keep his loner status. He currently resides in a cave near where the clans communicate with Starclan, helping new leaders and medicine cats find their way.

Personality and Mannerisms
Shade is pretty military orientated, leading most to believe that he could reside within Brambleclan with his former leader Raggedstar based on his personality alone. However, due to his breed, he was unable to as Brambleclan hosts Norwegian forest cats and the like easier than a skinny siamese. With friends he likes to laugh and joke around, being carefree as he is not tied to any particular group, instead choosing to visit all of his comrades each month individually. He adores children, yet never was able to be a real father due to the adoption process.
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The Rebellion's Character storage
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