The Forest Beyond

A Warrior Cats inspired play-by-post roleplay game
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 Announcement to new roleplayers!

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The Rebellion
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Official Sitemom
The Rebellion

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Announcement to new roleplayers! Empty
PostSubject: Announcement to new roleplayers!   Announcement to new roleplayers! EmptySun Jan 15, 2017 4:46 pm

All characters who were of a clan in the past have had their memories wiped, hence they will carry a loner name until the new clans are founded! Those who were loners and kittypets also carry loner/twoleg names. If you want more information check out both the thread
labeled "We're going before the beginning" and our patreon which is linked in the other global announcement!

Characters: Willowshade
images, some are big so I put them in a spoiler:
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Announcement to new roleplayers!
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